EcoClean Pyykinpesuneste sitrus 1,5L


Natural laundry detergent with scents from essential oils. To respect the environment, run your washing machine with a full load, choose low temperature washing cycles and follow dosage instructions.

This product is based on plant oilsfrom natural origin and with biodegradable ingredients.The fragrance comes from natural essential oils and organic floral water.

  • ECOCERT certified
  • Natural ingredients and organic ingredients
  • Biodegradable ingredients

About 90% of Eco Clean's bottles are made of plastic from old bottles, which, instead of going to waste, are being transformed into our recognisable green bottles. By doing this, we avoid using new plastic in the production of our sustainable packaging, and thereby reduce the amount of resources used to manufacture our Eco Clean products.

Luomu, Vegaaninen


8,90 €